13A Final Portfolio


This project consists of a compilation of all of my projects for COMM 125. My audience is anyone interested in viewing my work, and my message would be to convey my design capabilities. I found a PowerPoint template that I liked and edited it as needed for this portfolio. I saved each project as a JPEG and uploaded it into PowerPoint for the presentation. I added a beginning and ending slide to bookmark my projects. I edited each title bar to match the color scheme of the project for consistency throughout the presentation.


I received critique comments from Amy, Kaylee, Chelsea and Sister Peterson. The change suggestions included adding the same black design element around each title page which I implemented. Sister Peterson suggested to change the front and back slides into the rule of thirds to add more interest to the overall look of the slides. Both of these changes were applied and appear in my final portfolio presentation.


7 thoughts on “13A Final Portfolio

  1. Bonnie Schroader says:

    I love how everything came together Carrie. It is so fun to see the progress through the semester and I think the tips, especially on the rule of thirds for your first and last slides paid off as they look really great! I especially love the last slide. Everything looks professional and well organized. Great job!


  2. clindner8715 says:

    Carrie, your work is beautiful! I love how you designed your slideshow to really highlight your pieces. I think your statement at the end, “Thanks for stopping by!” is a great conclusions to displaying your work! I also really like the variety you demonstrate in your color schemes throughout your pieces. The pinkish color of your slideshow really pops and catches my eye. Great work! Very professional. If you could take a look at my blog I would really appreciate any feedback you have to offer! Thanks!


  3. vroomationstudios says:

    Great job Carrie! I just wanted to first say thank you for being a great friend. Thank you for consistently giving me feedback on my assignments. It means the world to me. Now, in regards to you final portfolio. I think that it rocks. I like how you made the colors reflect that which you had in your projects. I think that the balance and allignment in you portfolio worked out really well.

    Check out Eva’s blog, she also had a really good portfolio:



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